"Marv is indeed inspiring as his approach to problem solving does not follow the traditional pathways rather he sees unique opportunities and finds innovative ways to reach them.  His sense of humor, knowledge, and personality leave you feeling excited and ready to tackle the world as he empowers you with his way of delivering his expertise."

- Kathlene Mayer, Academically Gifted Curriculum Specialist

​- ​"GET THE EDGE" Virtual Job Fair Webcast
- ​Life After High School Graduation Seminars
​- FFA Chapter Strategy Day
- Transferable Skills Initiative
​- Business-To-Business “Pitch & Catch” Trade Shows
- Experience The E (entrepreneurship) Workshops
- School-To-School “I’ve Got A Better Idea” CHALLENGE
- Thumb Area “TOOL CHEST” 
    (A Voucher-Based Training System)
​- Employment Builders Alliance
​- Career Diary Disc
- Research & Innovation Outposts
- ​WORK FIRST Welfare-To-Work Program
​- Virtual Chamber of Commerce
    (21st Century Work Ethic Training)
​- Thumb Education & Community Day Conference
- Blended "Apprenticeship-Way" Training


Marv Pichla is the Owner and Innovation Advisor of Inspiring Innovations, Inc.  His consulting service focuses on sharing his unique entrepreneurship concepts and innovative service experiences.  Marv consults with public and private business, education and community organizations to develop new and different problem solving PRODUCTS based on real-life example-based opportunities.

Prior to starting Inspiring Innovations, Inc. Marv served as Executive Director for Thumb Area Michigan Works! a mid-Michigan workforce and business development agency.  As Executive Director, Marv used creativity and innovation as his guide for regional business, workforce, education and community development. 


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Marvin N. Pichla, Ph.D.

Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Ph. (989) 214-0181


"Dr. Pichla was recognized as a local, state and national leader in the delivery of services for employers and job seekers, receiving multiple awards from partner agencies. Dr. Pichla views challenges as opportunities for innovation and improved outcomes. He values different opinions, approaches and techniques. Communication, in verbal and written form is a strength of Dr. Pichla: his words are clear, concise and thought provoking." 

- Stephanie Beckhorn, Director

Workforce Development Agency, State of Michigan


(989) 214-0181 | mpichla@inspiringinnovationsllc.com

The business goal of INSPIRING INNOVATIONS, INC., Dr. Marv Pichla is to find the "creative special" in every person and organization he works with...and then make them even more special through developing new, non-traditional innovative Practices, Policies, Programs and Products (i.e. the 4 P's)

** Contact Marv for price, dates and PRODUCT specific information. **

Creative Concepts for Public & Private Business

Marv is a champion for workforce development and establishes effective working relationships with employers and other public sector partners.  In addition, he has strong organizational leadership skills and is an action oriented individual.  Marv also has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and established several innovative programs operating across the Thumb area as well as a broader region to support both individual innovators and small/medium size businesses." " 

- Thomas D. Crampton, Retired Executive Dean

Regional Technology Initiatives - Mott Community College

Marv is one of the most creative "out of the box" thinkers I've ever met.  If you're looking for an engaging discussion, talk to him!"

- Mary Carter, President Learning Designs, Inc.

I have observed the innovative approaches that Dr. Pichla has used to engage community partners in meaningful discussions on a variety of operational, organizational programmatic, and public policy issues and have no doubt that he will use similarly creative instructional approaches to stimulate the interest of his students and enrich their learning experience. He is a contextual thinker who understands the value of applied knowledge in higher education and knows how to draw from his diverse experience to illustrate key concepts. 

- Nancy Hewat, Ph.D., Principal Consultant

Synthesis Evaluation & Research

- Entrepreneurial Leadership 
- The Idea Mill

- Communicating the Right Way
- SPEED DRIVEN Strategic Planning

​- Staff Development
- Special Project Creation
- Partnership Building
- You: Are Your Own Business

- Topic Specific
- Customized

Today more than ever before people/organizations strive to be innovative.  Inspiring Innovations, Inc. was exclusively created to not just advise groups on innovative processes but to build REAL public and private sector innovation PRODUCTS!

Inspiring Innovations Inc. customizes its Advisor/Consultant services to fit the unique needs of individuals, companies, governments and organizations.  Innovative / entrepreneurship sessions are typically structured in a coaching/mentoring format.  Staff development, grant preparation, special project management are also target innovation service options.